Saturday, April 7, 2012

March Training Record

I have kept records of my training activities for a number of years.  I have a day-to-day plan and logs to record what I do, time, elevation gain, intensity, volume, etc.  I also record my resting pulse rate, sleep quality & amount, weight & body fat and mood..

March Totals
74.5 hours of training time (actual)
24 training sessions
3 full rest days / 5 long work days without training (<10 hours)
14,878 meters of elevation gain
weight = 71kg., body fat = 11%, body mass index = 21.91, resting heart rate = 44

My training generally falls into two areas: endurance training and sport specific skill training.  Endurance activities in March were hiking carrying weight, mountain trail running, alpine routes and ski touring.  For sport specific skill training was made up of alpine skiing, indoor climbing, bouldering, outdoor sport climbing, fingerboard sessions and supplemental exercise (movement, mobility & flexibility, strength/power).

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