Monday, June 16, 2008


Unsettled - this has been a recurring word in the weather forecasts in the area. What to do? You could go to the climbing gym, mountain bike, trail run, etc. You could also go alpine climbing. Adjust your mind set and your goals. Just because our ego says that you want to climb route "x" or mountain "y" does not mean that the mountain gives a shit. Also, just because you have time, it happens to be the weekend or you've paid a guide, does not mean that it's the right time.

However, unsettled does not mean that you should sit around and bitch about questionable weather or bad conditions. On my old white Petzl helmet I had written after a particular spell of being feed up with excuses, "It's better to try and fail than sit on your ass and do nothing". I try to always keep this in mind. To paraphrase what Will Gadd recently wrote on his blog, "It's always better when you do something".

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